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HillView Ranch


Our planet can provide the food and water for all of God's creatures when we exercise good land stewardship. HillView strives to preserve the land and water to make it productive now and for generations to come.


We offer educational opportunities and employ best ranching practices:

- Open pastures with good cover and water

- Supplemental food by season

- Parasite & predator management

- Capture facilities to ease transportation

- Our "Exotic Express" trailer to move animals

- There is no public hunting at the ranch


HillView Ranch is a working 600 acre ranch with consistent ownership since 1995.  The primary activity was originally raising cattle, producing watermelons and harvesting pecans. 

In 2014 HillView Ranch built a high game fence covering an initial 220 acres for raising exotic wildlife.  The high fence preserve has grown to 300 acres with 8 pens ranging from 2 acres to 35 acres.  The pens allow us to improve our protection and ease the transportation of exotic wildlife.  In 2018, Jake Dredla joined our team as the ranch manager.


Our animals have easy access to water, free range movement in open pastures, good cover during inclement weather and seasonal food supplement.


We offer BongoKuduImpalaSable, Scimitar Horned Oryx Red Deer,  Axis, Fallow, and Blackbuck.


Please contact us for more information on the current exotic animals for sale.



Email at

Or call Jake Dredla directly at 512-964-9172

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