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The Value of Prescribed Burns

A prescribed burn is the planned application of fire to restore natural plant succession and diversity. There are many factors to a prescribed burn to successfully and safely restore native plants. If possible, pastures should have the planned application of fire each three years.

The Texas of two hundred years ago had a different agriculture landscape compared to today. Key to the change is the introduction of European settlers, who eliminated the buffalo and natural fires.

Buffalo herds moved quickly over the land and grazed all plants equally, so they grew back in a consistent manner. When animals (such as cattle) consistently graze a pasture they select the plants they like and allow those they do not like to grow, which is one way weeds take over a field.

Natural fires removed old growth and made room for new. When fire is suppressed, old grows build up and choke off new growth.

Prescribed burns represent a good land management practice.

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